Running August 3-6, 2017, the Seattle Art Fair is back for its third iteration. Founded by Microsoft legend and chairman of the Seattle Seahawks, Paul G. Allen, the Seattle Art Fair brings the global art world to the Northwest’s booming tech industry, full of art-savvy young buyers.

Household gallery names such David Zwirner, Pace Gallery, and Gagosian, as well as regional players from Vancouver, Seattle, and Portland, are all present, and with 100 exhibitors, there’s plenty to see. Here, we’ve outlined what can’t be missed.

Winsor Gallery

Vancouver’s Winsor Gallery brings some of the city’s favorite young artists to Seattle this year. Local darling Andy Dixon paints reference-heavy works inspired by both Matisse and Kanye West. Ben Skinner’s neon text pieces are young and fresh, ideal for the young Amazon executive’s penthouse. Quirky and refined, it’s a glimpse into Vancouver’s electric taste.

Vancouver Studio (After Matisse) by Andy Dixon 2017

A Heart Makes A Bad Hula Hoop by Ben Skinner 2014

David Zwirner

For residents of the Pacific Northwest, seeing a Yayoi Kusama isn’t an everyday occurrence. For that, Seattle Art Fair brought in the global big hitters. David Zwirner’s booth offers Kusama as well as Donald Judd, Josef Albers, and more. It’s a slice of the international art world, all rolled up in one booth.

PUMPKIN by Yayoi Kusama 2015

Untitled by Donald Judd 1990

G. Gibson Gallery

Seattle staple G. Gibson Gallery presents some of the Pacific Northwest’s most relevant and interesting artists. For this year’s both, the gallery has a tidy selection of three artists, one being the photographic team of Eirik Johnson and Daniel Carrillo. Their folded daguerreotype pieces are richly textured and reflective of the city’s dynamic photographic history.


Stealth Glider by Eirik Johnson / Daniel Carrillo 2016

Kavi Gupta Gallery

Hailing from Chicago, Kavi Gupta Gallery is bring just one artist: the iconic McArthur Binion. Binion’s meditative, minimalist works are quiet contemplation on application and texture. In muted tones and soft palettes, the artist, who is now in his seventies, has been heralded as having a late-career renaissance. Beyond any art trends, apart from “isms”, Binion’s work is a breath of fresh air in the big art fair tent.

dna: Untitled: I by McArthur Binion 2017

Bonus: Out of Sight

The long and storied history of satellite art fairs continues with Out of Sight. Centrally located near Pioneer Square, the fair is focused on bringing attention to Pacific Northwest-based artists. Seattle-based Serrah Russell is a stand-out at the fair—her poetic collage pieces often study the female form, abstracted and considered. Kelly Bjork, a Seattle illustrator, finds her subject matter often in the finer things in life (ie: plants and cats). The work of Nicholas Galanin from Sitka, Alaska is complex and layered—broadening the view of what Pacific Northwest art is and can be.

All images courtesy of Seattle Art Fair. 

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