Custom Art Products

The Shelby - Allentown, PA

Neighborhood charm.

Working with Celano Design Inc., our artwork for The Shelby in Allentown, Pennsylvania is warm and familiar, reflecting the cozy and friendly atmosphere of the neighborhood restaurant.

Drawing inspiration from The Shelby’s female sophisticate muse, wall coverings blend flora with subtle silhouettes to create a warm and comforting dining area. Layered on top of an abstracted logo of the restaurant, the piece brings together disparate aspects of the brand to create a cohesive language visible throughout the space.

Above the centerpiece bar hangs a gem-like ceiling cover of abstracted florals. Textured and re-imagined into a kaleidoscopic pattern, the covering adds depth and interest to the focal point of the room.

Soft and inviting, our artwork custom-made for The Shelby adds sophisticated charm to a neighborhood bistro.

    Photography courtesy of Celano Design Inc.