Fairmont Heritage Place, Franz Klammer Lodge, Telluride

Striking gold with mountainside luxury.

Tucked away in the isolated San Juan Mountains in Colorado sits the scenic town of Telluride. The town’s modern history dates back to the Gold Rush when men flocked to the remote cliffside mines to search for valuable gold telluride.

Telluride was actually never found in the neighboring mountains—instead, silver, zinc, and lead proved more plentiful—but prospects the elusive good were strong enough to make the name stick. Today, the town is well-known for its skiing as well as year-round events like the star-studded Telluride Film Festival and celebrated Bluegrass Festival.

For Farmboy Fine Arts’s project at the luxury Fairmont Franz Klammer Lodge, our pieces bring attention to the city’s Wild West past, as well as the town’s world-class skiing. The rustic lodge features sweeping vistas of the snowy mountainside and the nearby gondola that leads up to the peaks.

In keeping with the traditional style of the property, the artwork is focused on highlighting the stunning landscape that surrounds it. Laser-cut wood work of abstracted mountains is a whimsical take on the environment. Large-scale photography of rocky snow-freckled mountains in sepia tones brings warmth and depth to the Club Room, highlighting the oversized leather furniture and stone cladding of the centerpiece fireplace. There are also nods to the history of the town with archival photography of miners dotted throughout the property.

Telluride may have never struck gold, but fortunately, there’s plenty more to this mountain town to be discovered.

Images courtesy Fairmont Telluride.