Hotel Arts

Would hospitality art by any other name be as sweet?

Calgary’s Hotel Arts has built a guest experience around its namesake — the arts.

For Hotel Arts, the name says it all. Located in the heart of Calgary, the 12-floor property epitomizes contemporary luxury, leveraging a recent $7-million renovation to create an innovative, design-focused guest experience.

Calgary’s first designer boutique hotel, originally opened in 2005, Hotel Arts’ 185 guest rooms were redesigned by B+H CHIL with guest room and corridor art curated by Farmboy Fine Arts (FBFA). Through the design process, a unique, custom guest room experience was identified as a key component to a successful collection. “Early on, the Hotel Arts group articulated they didn’t want typical guest room art,” says Todd Towers, President and CEO of FBFA. “For such an art and design focused property, we knew we needed to offer guests something unexpected and impactful.”

One solution was a custom-designed and manufactured modular wall sculpture. Installed in each of the guest rooms alongside traditional framed art pieces, the modular wall art incorporated several custom milled materials including printed aluminum dibond and acrylic. These materials were then installed in an overlapping and interlocking pattern, and stood off the wall to create depth and relief. Together with the graphic framed art pieces, the final guest room collection is unique and contemporary, and challenged the idea of what guest room art could be.

FBFA also designed 12 individual wall coverings for each of the property’s 12 elevator lobbies. Taking cues from the dynamic corridor carpet, each mural creates a bold introduction to its corresponding floor, as well as serves as wayfinding for guests.

“The bold choices for the guest room and corridor art experience really challenge what people might think work in a luxury hotel,” says Towers. “But Hotel Arts proves that luxury is a product of intentional design, and doesn’t necessarily always follow a singular definition.”

Hotel Arts Luxury Suite

Hotel Arts Luxury Suite Sitting Area

Hotel Arts Desk Art

Hotel Arts Bathroom Art

Hotel Arts Corridor Level 3


    Custom wall-covering can be incredibly impactful, but the final result depends greatly on the expertise of the installer. FBFA often provides comprehensive installation documentation to the general contractor to ensure proper execution.


    To ensure the smooth installation of a modular work of art, FBFA developed a detailed installation guide showing not only location, but also the order of installation.