Marriott Modern

Customizable brand standard wall covering.

  • Marriott Exclusive Square Foot Price
  • Standard Square Foot Price for Customized Design
  • Square Foot Price Includes Design Fee and Product Cost

In 2013, Farmboy Fine Arts (FBFA) began work with the Marriott design team, developing the brand standard wall covering specification for Marriott’s next generation guest room, called Marriott Modern.

Transforming an innocuous architectural element—a plain wall—into a feature art piece, FBFA developed numerous concepts, exploring standardized design iterations that could offer regional specificity while still maintaining a volume-base price point.

In the end, FBFA and Marriott realized customization was key to a great guest experience. Through negotiations with industry leading manufacturing partners, FBFA was able to deliver exclusive pricing to Marriott for completely customized wall covering. This allows individual properties to boast a unique guest room art experience, while still delivering the quality and familiarity guests have come to love from Marriott.

Customized Wall Covering Examples

Dana Mooney - DMM.010.00016

Doug Bisson - DWB.200.00072

Fatima Travassos - FFT.010.00743

FBFA Image - FXP.123431

Michael J Lane - MJL.400.00255