Rosewood Hotel Georgia, 1927 Lobby Lounge - Vancouver, BC

An intimate salon hang of historical and contemporary moments.

Built in 1927, Rosewood Hotel Georgia is a historical landmark in the young city of Vancouver. To celebrate history, and history in the making, our collection highlights some of the hotel’s most memorable guests and moments with an intimate curated salon hang.

Drawing from Farmboy Fine Art’s existing collection curated for the Hotel Georgia, a storied and locally-focused mix of pieces from artists such as Douglas Coupland, Jack Shadbolt, and Sonny Assu, the 1927 Lobby Lounge hang brings in another seminal Vancouver artist, Fred Herzog. Herzog is best known for his early street photography, capturing beautifully crafted moments of everyday life. In the salon, Herzog’s work is presented alongside vintage photography of famous historic guests such as Elvis Presley, as well as contemporary celebrities like Justin Bieber.

Creating a sense of place was essential for designing the collection. Located in an enclave in the main lobby, the space features a showpiece vintage trunk bar, and is a stylish watering hole for after work drinks and nightcaps, alike. Our curation of personal and historic pieces special to the hotel reflects the warm intimacy of the bespoke care at the Hotel Georgia.