Rosewood Hotel Georgia

A fine art collection based on a sense of place.

  • 200 Original art pieces
  • 26 Artists
  • 100 Archival photos restored
  • 65 Custom designed pieces

In 2009, Farmboy Fine Arts (FBFA) engaged with a Vancouver development company and Rosewood Hotels & Resorts to develop an art program for the city’s premier luxury hotel, the Rosewood Hotel Georgia.

A historic landmark, the Rosewood Hotel Georgia is a property many people in Vancouver have a close connection with. As such, FBFA had to ensure that not only the client stakeholders were confident in the art program, but also local residents.

Influenced heavily by Rosewood Hotels & Resorts’ “Sense of Place” mantra, FBFA developed one of North America’s largest collection of privately held Canadian contemporary fine art. A first for the Canadian hospitality industry, the collection truly adds another level of experience for hotel guests and local residents.

Story & Purpose

Rosewood Hotel Georgia is a property that holds special significance for the Farmboy Fine Arts (FBFA) team. Featuring one of the largest, hotel-owned Canadian contemporary art collections in North America, the collection is not just a part of the property’s FF&E, it directly contributes to the property’s renovation ROI. The collection FBFA curated and procured for Rosewood Hotel Georgia has increased in value by an estimated 25% since it was purchase in 2010.

The collection’s innovative story has also generated a myriad of international press, with travelers and locals alike visiting the property to tour the art collection. The hotel’s staff were also trained by FBFA to understand and speak to the collection and its story, creating a sense of pride among employees. In addition, custom maps explaining the artwork—much like what you would see in a museum—were developed by FBFA and are provided to guests so they can tour the collection at their leisure. These additional features help to set the hotel apart from competitors and create a unique art experience for guests.

“Point No Point”, 2008, “Morning Garden”, 2010 & “Garden Abstract”, 2010

Alan Wood

“Naja”, 2010

Marcel Barbeau

“Modular Variation R (I16)”, 1967, & “Modular Variation J (I22)”, 1967

Jack Shadbolt

“G.M.–P-470”, 1958, “G.M.–P–373 (Red)”, 1958, & “The Messenger”, 2010

Guido Molinari & Ray Natraoro

“iDrum: Consumption”, 2010

Sonny Assu

Rosewood Hotel Georgia

A triptych color field custom developed by FBFA.

"Flux", 2011

Custom designed by FBFA

Rosewood Hotel Georgia

A grouping of Douglas Coupland's "Electric Canadian Landscape".