'The Studio / Painting' with Shaw Hospitality

Letting interior designers become the artist.

  • 10 carpet fields
  • 9 rug options
  • 9 corridor fields
  • Fully customizable
  • Complementary art collection

In 2013, Farmboy Fine Arts (FBFA) partnered with Shaw Hospitality Group to create a series of carpet collections inspired by various artistic disciplines.

The first studio in the collection—titled The Studio / Painting—focuses on the gestural, expressive nature of paint, inviting interior designers to become the artist, mixing, matching and customizing the various carpet fields created by FBFA.

Available for both commercial and hospitality projects, the collection is comprised of 10 carpet fields, 9 rug options and 9 corridor fields. In addition, FBFA custom designed a collection of art work, intended to offset and complement the carpet collection.

Become the Artist

FBFA and Shaw Hospitality Group approached the creation of The Studio / Painting collection as a true collaboration, leveraging FBFA’s custom art development experience with Shaw’s design and manufacturing expertise. The result is an innovative collection of carpets, blurring the lines between art and textile, and opening up a new design avenue to improve and elevate guest experience.

Customized art is the cornerstone of FBFA’s brand, and this vital tenet was maintained in FBFA’s first foray into carpet design. The carpet collection was conceived as a means to inspire interior designers, empowering them to create something engaging and visually evocative. From color and pattern, to tufting and combination, The Studio / Painting is fully customizable, placing the brush firmly in the interior designer’s hand.

Smudge Corridor

Pour Corridor

Impasto Corridor

Tilt Pattern

    Complementary Art

    To accompany The Studio / Painting, FBFA also created a custom collection of art, intended to complement the carpet collection. Made up of more than a dozen pieces, the art collection takes its inspiration from The Studio / Painting’s concept, exploring what it means to discover with a brush and paint. And staying true to FBFA’s values, the art collection is completely customizable.

    Felicity Carter - FFC.010.00043.2

    Neela Kler - FNK.000.00013

    Felicity Carter - FFC.010.00170

    Felicity Cartter - FFC.010.00168

    Neela Kler - FNK.010.00022

    Felicity Carter - FFC.010.00166

    Neela Kler - FNK.010.00041

    Neela Kler - FNK.010.00023.1

    Neela Kler - FNK.000.00014

    Felicity Carter - FFC.010.00172

    Felicity Carter - FFC.010.00171

    Felicity Carter - FFC.010.00169

    Felicity Carter - FFC.010.00165