'The Studio / Sculpture' with Shaw Hospitality

Tufted broadloom carpets for public and private spaces.

  • 7 corridor fields
  • 5 rug options
  • Fully customizable
  • Complementary art collection

Farmboy Fine Arts (FBFA) and Shaw Hospitality have partnered again on a yet another collaboration, The Studio / Sculpture. Following The Studio / Painting, this new collection explores the process of sculpture, translating it into custom tufted broadloom carpet for public and private spaces.

Inspired by well-known and emerging sculptors and installation artists, FBFA deconstructed forms into geometric shapes and studied the patterns, line work and depth of light that came from these experiments to create the collection. The resulting carpets are a mix of raised relief, subtle optical illusion and a whole new three dimension of curvilinear form, shapes and facets.

“From the pencil drawings and sketched studies, to cutting a palette knife through clay and using building blocks to create depth, we realized that it all came down to how we followed this universal line through space,” says Felicity Carter, FBFA senior designer. “We started to realize that the line was the point of translation between 2D and 3D forms.”

These artistic studies became the design catalyst for the collection’s corridor and rug patterns. The Studio / Sculpture patterns are applicable for hospitality, retail, healthcare, education and workplace spaces, and are designed to be customized in scale with endless yarn color possibilities. View the full carpet collection here.


Neo-geometric movement forms from every angle in the Multifaceted Rug.

Complementary Art

To accompany The Studio / Sculpture, FBFA also curated an extensive artwork collection to complement the carpets, allowing the two elements to pair seamlessly together to enhance any space. And staying true to FBFA’s values, the art collection is also fully customizable.




Fatima Travassos - FFT.010.00813