Yekpare is a story teller to narrate 8500 years’ story of Istanbul. The story has symbols by from Pagans to Roman Empire, from Byzantine Empire to Latin Empire, and finally from Ottoman Empire to today’s Istanbul.

A building which we play on is Haydarpa?a Train Station has brilliant architectural forms. Connection between middle east to west as Istanbul since 1906 was formed by Haydarpa?a. In 50’s; it was a door millions of emigrant. Internal migration triggered chaotic order of Istanbul dialectical daily life scenes. Either its conceptual and political and geographical position or its location’s depth of field to watch the entire show from Kad?köy coast; Yekpare is dramatic as a representation.

First day of the performance is also 47th death day of famous Turkish poet Naz?m Hikmet Ran. We started with his quote:“At Haydarpa?a Train Station, in the spring of 1941, it is three o’clock. Sun, exhaustion and rush lay on the stairs” (from his epic novel Human Landscapes from My Country).

Art Direction & Visuals:
Deniz Kader – Canda? ?i?man

sourced from: Nerdworking

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