Art as an Investment

Original fine art collections have slowly been working their way into brands and businesses across all sectors

What was once the elite and private practice of banks and law firms has become a mainstay of almost every successful business.

“Art gives the business personality,” explained Stephen McCoubrey, one of the curators in charge of the UBS Art Collection, in an interview with BBC. “When you walk into these rooms, they are pretty much all done by the same handful of fit-out architects from one company to another. What makes them unique—what makes this the UBS office and not the Credit Suisse or Goldman Sachs office—is the art on the walls and the people sitting here.”

Cultural capital is capital. Building a brand means creating leverage through dynamic spaces that speak, resonate, and stay with clients. But, as with all capital, there is a cost and a risk associated with purchasing art. Art collections are huge capital assets that tie-up surplus.

Although the argument for developing and showcasing an art collection is strong, corporations and businesses are restricted by their capital. The risks of art collecting are also of concern for companies as the market fluctuates, and poor purchasing can have an adverse affect on the perceived benefits.

'A Falling Action" by Mark Mullin, 2015, oil on canvas, 72" x 72". Farmboy Art Fund Collection
'Hunting the Light' by Reza Derakshani, oil, acrylic and goldleaf on canvas, 67" x 150"
The newest offering from Farmboy Fine Arts (FBFA) proposes a unique solution to corporations and businesses interested in creating groundbreaking, memorable fine art collections, without the capital expenditure or risk. “The Farmboy Art Fund provides an innovative leasing program that opens new opportunities for social and cultural engagement” says Todd Towers, FBFA CEO & Founder. “We work directly with clients to curate art collections that speak to the brand and experience of each individual client, all while creating investment returns for our fund and shareholders.” With knowledge and experience from the Farmboy Fine Arts team, clients are provided a full-service experience that works in conjunction with design cycles, and benefit from expert advice–from curation to installation. This offering opens the door to museum-quality, investment-grade artwork that creates world-class spaces, all while removing the obstacles of knowledge, capital, and infrastructure from the equation.
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