Belmond Charleston Place

205 Meeting Street
Charleston, South Carolina

Overlooking the more than 200-year-old City Market in the heart of Charleston, South Carolina, the Belmond Charleston Place has one eye on the past and one on the future.

A vast Southern estate, this 400-plus room landmark is full of ornate millwork and opulent craftsmanship befitting the architectural style of its surroundings. Many of the neighboring buildings were built in the 1800s, and retain the characteristics of the period. The Belmond merges these quintessentially Southern details with a flare of contemporary luxury design, leveraging the past and present to create a one-of-a-kind experience.

“Featured throughout the rooms, the collection gives guests a sense of place, reminding them they are in the vibrant and historic city of Charleston,” says Todd Towers, Farmboy Fine Arts(FBFA) CEO and Founder. “As the ultimate travel curator and connoisseur, the Belmond brand is all about exceptional experiences. We wanted the artwork to be a nod to the city’s rich history, while also providing visitors with a contemporary take on authentic Southern charm.”

To convey the less tangible elements of the collection, such as pacing, scale, and the relationship between pieces, FBFA provided Belmond Charleston Place with detailed bird’s-eye floor plan drawings and elevation mock-ups. These drawings helped to provide clarity throughout the development process and allowed FBFA to efficiently work through the refinement of the final art collection, producing a much more cohesive and impactful art experience.

“The artwork is the grand finale, the last piece of flourish that brings it all together,” says Eric Monteiro, Director of Marketing, North America at Belmond. “We have received numerous guest inquiries regarding the artwork, which further confirms the impact it has on the property.”


FBFA routinely fields requests from Belmond Charleston Place guests wishing to purchase art from the property’s collection, including this 36″ x 36″ limited edition custom print created by FBFA artist Jordan Hilliard. The abstracted landscape painting, ‘Circle on a Square Paper’, is printed on heavy linen fine art paper, debossed to a depth of 1/8”, and float mounted in a white, 2.25” deep shadow box frame.

Also high on the list of requests are ‘La Flora’ and ‘The Recruiting Officer’, depicting the first opera ever performed in America in 1725 and America’s first theater in 1736, The Dock Street Theater–respectively–both historical moments in Charleston’s narrative.

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