Hotel Fairmont Baku

Flame Towers - 1A Mehdi Huseyn Street
Baku, Azerbaijan

In 2011, Farmboy Fine Arts (FBFA) was awarded the contract to outfit the Flame Towers, a development of 3 spectacular towers in one of the world’s most ancient nations, Azerbaijan.

One of the first developments to change the skyline of the nation’s capital, Baku, the project consisted of three towers, one being the luxurious Fairmont Baku hotel.

Over the course of 2 years FBFA developed an art collection of over 150 original, museum quality fine art pieces and well over 500 pieces developed by FBFA’s in-house team. An eclectic mix of international and regional artists makes up this stunning collection, managed by FBFA from overall concept, to purchasing and installation. This massive project and its incredible art collection is quickly becoming an international attraction.


One of the earliest poetic forms in Azeri culture was the ghazal, a rhyming couplet and refrain expressing the pain of loss, but love’s enduring beauty in the face of it.

This idea of poetry and its significance in Azeri culture helped define FBFA’s art concept for the Flame Towers and offered a narrative concept to unite each space.

A distinctively rhythmic and musical quality was expressed throughout the collection, heralding to the ghazal. Like the outpouring of a poet’s thoughts and feelings into words, the featured artists’ works passionately express an unrestrained, gestural lyricism full of energy and emotion. This energy is also an ever-present part of Baku.

Situated on the Silk Road for centuries, Baku has long been a stopping point on the road of cultural diversity and commerce. Following this lineage, the Flame Towers collection represents many regions and cultures, melding their diverse ethnic influences and offering an art experience as multi-cultural and cosmopolitan as the city of Baku.

Overall, the art collection at the Flame Towers is highly sophisticated, contemporary and embodies the epitome of modern luxury. By telling unique stories through carefully selected pieces, the collection explores a world of elements made tangible and real, further expressing the architecture of the building and enhancing the guest experience.


The Flame Towers in Baku, Azerbaijan, changed the skyline of the Silk Road city and became an architectural icon around the world. The three towers are home to the 37-floor Fairmont Baku hotel, a 34-floor office tower, a 39-floor residential development plus a shopping and leisure center—making it a cultural and business hub in the region.

The building—designed by architects HOK and interior designers HBA—also boasts over 10,000 LED luminaires which allow video content to be displayed across the building’s façade.


By no means experts in the Azeri art scene, the FBFA team began the Fairmont Baku – Flame Towers project by drawing on their extensive international art world connections—seeking contacts on the ground in Baku. As true collaborators, the team knew they needed to look to those working in Azerbaijan for input and inspiration in order to make the collection a success.

Through spending time at artist’s studios, eating with their families, understanding their influences and stories, FBFA forged friendships and partnerships with the local art community; relationships that drastically improved the quality and relevance of the Flame Towers art collection.



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