Miraval Resort & Spa

East Via Estancia
Tucson, Arizona

Nestled under the cover of the Santa Catalina Mountains, tranquil and idyllic, Miraval Resort & Spa is truly serene.

Set on 400 acres in the Sonoran Desert, the property launched its Retreat offering in 2018—comprised of 22 luxury villas, designed for an immersive and restorative experience.

In line with the Miraval’s unique wellness offerings (reiki, aerial yoga, hiking) our artwork for the suites offers a meditative, holistic aesthetic. Working with SFA Design, our centerpiece artwork for the rooms features imagery designed to spark contemplation.

Created by Farmboy Fine Art’s in-house design team, the abstract mandala figure was inspired by the Arizona desert. Inspired by the stark and minimal Arizona landscape, the piece is rendered in a cool clamative palette of grey. Holistic geometrics present in the piece bring balance and emphasize universality. Created with with intention—our custom piece is designed to ground and inspire.

Images courtesy of Miraval Resort & Spa.

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