Park MGM

Old school glamour sets the bar in new sin city
3770 S Las Vegas Boulevard
Las Vegas, Nevada

Partnering with Sydell Group, renowned for their international group of sophisticated and innovative hotels, as well as Parisian creative studio be-poles, our art program at the seminal Park MGM Las Vegas announces a new era of Sin City glamour.

With over 33,000 pieces delivered for the guestrooms alone (not including public areas, and on-property restaurants), Park MGM represents one of our most ambitious projects to date.

“The coordination and attention to detail needed with such an ambitious art collection at such a large scale was immense,” explains Farmboy Fine Arts VP Business Development, Ariel Grue Lee. Working with multiple architects, ID teams, procurement, brand consultants, and curators Park MGM showcases Farmboy Fine Arts’s dynamic skill set.

From its inception, Park MGM was conceived to be a property centered around good design and good art. Breaking away from the typical glitzy Vegas strip style, Park MGM takes its cues from cool Los Angeles style and Old Vegas nostalgia. “I think this is kind of a hybrid between your classic Las Vegas hotel that has the energy and excitement and the scale…but we try to do it in a way that’s more appealing to the boutique [hotel] customer,” said Andrew Zobler, founder and chief executive of Sydell Group, to the Los Angeles Times.

King Room Salon Hang Detail
King Room Salon Hang

The art program throughout the property was curated by be-poles to reflect the contemporary, understated elegance that is part of the Sydell Group brand. The guestrooms feature a curated salon collection—photography, drawings, painting, collage—from artists such as Dimitri Coste and Beth Howell. Street photography meets with 20th century botanical prints and portraiture, delivering a nostalgic yet contemporary focus point for design.

The guestrooms salons feature multiple framing styles and techniques. FBFA delivered custom-milled frames for each piece in the guestrooms—each suited to the piece with variable matting and dimensions. Our years of experience in project management allowed for the complicated, multi-phased production and delivery of the pieces to be executed with ease. And with dozens of artist licensing contracts to create, artist licensing was an achievable challenge.

Skylark Suite Salon Hang
Nightingale Suite Salon Hang
Queen Room Salon Hang

Moving through the property, the art experience continues. In the French-inspired Primrose restaurant a large-scale photograph by Harry Gruyaert (“The Picnic, Extremadura. Spain”, 1998) features prominently, adding a modern element to the otherwise traditional design of the space. The property’s Bavette’s Steakhouse & Bar includes an intricate hang of vintage imagery inspired by 19th century salons.

Cool, contemporary, and art-focused, Park MGM represents an exciting new era of hospitality design in Vegas.

Click here to learn more about the property’s art program.

Ceiling: Untitled by Henrique Oliveira | Front Desk: Dreamscape VI by Shoja Azari & Shahram Karimi
The Picnic, Extremadura. Spain by Harry Gruyaert
Bavette's Steakhouse & Bar at Park MGM
Bavette's Steakhouse & Bar at Park MGM

All images courtesy of Sydell Group and Park MGM.

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