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Atticus Adams

Artist Atticus Adams

Atticus Adams' sculptures are all fabricated by hand, using metal screening and wire as not only the medium but also the main inspiration behind the work.

“What initially started as making models during a summer architecture program has evolved into a passion for working three dimensionally”. To spite the industrial material, the end pieces are soft and flowing.

Concept is important to Atticus and each piece he creates has a story. Often inspired by the landscape of his childhood, he also finds inspiration in fabric and fashion, many of his pieces speak to the hemline or a dress, or the way clothing crumples in a pile when removed. In this way, Atticus’ work has both an organic and structural approach. The finished forms react to their environment through transparency, shadows, colour and texture.

Atticus is an FBFA Preferred Artist Partner and has been collaborating with our team since 2013.

All images care of Atticus Adams.

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