Farmboy Launches New Website

Completely redesigned & rebuilt online platform

The old adage goes, ‘you never get a second chance at a first impression’, and in today’s digital age that first impression is typically online.

This reality is why we’ve spent the last 6-months completely redesigning our online presence, which we’re proud to officially launch today.

From the platform’s underlying purpose and objective, to the navigational architecture and base coding, we’re offering a completely redesigned user experience. Featuring re-imagined pages from our previous site—such as inspirational collections and cases studies—the platform also offers an expanded blog as well as artist partner section.

“The new platform allows us new and interesting ways to promote our brand purpose—to change lives with art,” says Todd Towers, founder, president and CEO of Farmboy Fine Arts. “Things like the ‘Community’ section, where we can feature artist bios and gallery relationships, and the ‘Work’ section where we can feature our collaborations with clients—they’re all targeted at promoting art and the impact it can have on people’s lives.”

The platform also features an important addition that goes beyond the brand’s purpose, something often asked by new clients.

“Yes, we tell the story of where the name ‘Farmboy Fine Arts’ came from,” explains Towers. “Whenever we meet new clients, the question usually comes up. Being such as unique name—one that’s so different from most players in the art market—it’s something people want to know more about. Over the last 20 years, our team’s probably told the story 10,000 times, but we’ve never included it in marketing materials. For this new platform though, we really wanted it to be there so people can connect with us and our brand.”

In additional, the platform includes a direct link to Farmboy’s online shopping portal. Currently in beta test, the online shopping portal offers homeowners and interior designers a curated shopping experience where they can select and purchase reproductions in a variety of framing and matting combinations.

“Our e-commerce portal is something else we’re excited to continue developing,” says Towers. “We have a few functions coming online shortly that will help streamline the art specifying process for our interior design clients. But even beyond that, the site allows us to offer great art to homeowners.

“I can’t tell you how many people have seen a piece from our collection in a hotel, fallen in love and wanted to purchase it for their home,” continues Towers. “In the past, our custom manufacturing process meant with we couldn’t offer it to them. But now we can. And it’s great to know we have another avenue to help change people’s lives.”

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