Health & Wellness Board

A diverse advisory board striving to change lives and healthcare outcomes

Since 2017, Farmboy has regularly convened a Health & Wellness Advisory Board—comprised of inter-disciplinary experts in healthcare, architecture, technology and academic research—to further study and explore the intersection of art and health.

In Fall 2019, the board welcomed its newest member—Dr. Louis Hugo Francescutti—at its meeting in Vancouver. Revolving around discussions of how EDAC principles can be applied to the overall creative placemaking strategy of health & wellness spaces, the board reviewed completed and active projects currently underway at Farmboy, as well as opportunities to bolster post-occupancy performance evaluations.



Health & Wellness Practice at Farmboy –

For nearly 20-years, Farmboy has witnessed the transformative potential of art and design on human health, crafting art experiences in hotels, senior living facilities, offices and hospitals. Farmboy knows a well-considered art and environmental graphic design (EGD) program within a built environment can positively influence human engagement, satisfaction and health outcome, while at the same time driving brand-value and delivering a memorable experience. With the emergence of codified evidence-based design principles, Farmboy began incorporating EBD’s formal body of knowledge into the company’s advisory services through EDAC certification of several team members.


Farmboy Health & Wellness Advisory Board Members-

Todd Towers

Ariel Grue Lee

Felicty Carter, BFA, EDAC


Robert Barrett, PHD

Brock Bohonos

Kip Woodward

Dr. Louis Hugo Francescutti

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