MindClick Achiever

Farmboy is officially a MindClick Leader

In February, we received our MindClick report card for 2018, and we don’t want to brag, but the word ‘Leader’ came up a lot.

Earning the Leader distinction—the highest rating available—in three of our four eligible categories demonstrates our commitment to environmentally responsible business practices.

Boasting achiever status in our final category, we continually partner with artists, manufacturers and suppliers who not only produce amazing pieces of art but do so with an eye to reducing environmental impact.

Comprised of more than 200 interior furnishing and building material suppliers, the MindClick program evaluates companies across of myriad of categories, from materials used and manufacturing processes, to packaging materials and end-of-life impact.

MindClick empowers hospitality as well as health and wellness operators to select more responsible products and allows guests and patients the peace of mind of knowing they’re supporting those responsible choices.

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