Creative Placemaking

As passionate patrons of the arts and contributors to the cultural and experiential economies, we create engaging art experiences and activate spaces around the world.

Focused on developing intelligent art experiences, we aren’t simply an artwork provider. We’re a partner, offering advisory support and design services from initial art concept through specification design, from project management and fulfillment through ongoing collection management. With more than 5,000 completed projects, our purpose is simple—we change lives with art.
Mount Royal Hotel
Client: Pursuit Collection


Art goes beyond simply a picture in a frame. Firmly grounded in an evidence-based approach, we focus on placemaking and experiential depth, leveraging a multi-disciplinary team to craft humanistic, world-class spaces. When art integrates with design and permeates all facets of an environment, spaces become activated and engaging.
Artwork by: Michael Lotenero (left), Herbert Sanchez (right)
Client: JBG Group

Health & Wellness

We create compelling health and wellness environments. Grounded in evidence-based design principles, our EDAC-certified team integrates art, architecture and science to foster more holistic and humanistic environments within healthcare, senior living and private clinic settings.
Client: HKS Architects


With superior creative content, innovative products and relevant, thoughtful art narratives, we help hospitality clients realize their art vision. Whether it’s a brand standard program or a custom developed, property specific collection, we help elevate the artwork from the simply decorative to the truly engaging.
Artwork by: Steffen Quong
Client: Belmond Charleston Place

Online Shopping

Offering on-demand, custom manufactured framed art pieces, our online catalog delivers a curated shopping experience. Available in a selection of sizes and molding types, we aim to strike the balance between customization and a thoughtful, high-quality final piece.
Client: Belmond Charleston Place

Collaborative Service

One of our core brand values, collaborative service has formed the foundation of Farmboy for nearly 20-years. We work with clients to understand the entire scope of their projects, from key stakeholders and requirements to timelines and budgets. Our industry leading, collaborative service continually adds value and differentiates us from less experienced art advisors.

Fine Art Leasing

Facilitated by our stand-alone investment division—the Farmboy Art Fund—we provide an innovative art leasing platform, providing clients with access to the very best in contemporary collectible works from around the globe. Through a variety of option—including leasing, financing and sale-leasebacks—we make collecting original works easy.

Custom Creative

Informed by the international fine art market, we believe in the transformative effects of art and thrive on creative, innovative thinking. Our in-house team of artists, designers and photographers—along with our extended network of licensed artists and artist partners—allows us to deliver works to suit any aesthetic vision.

Product Development

For nearly 20-years, we’ve been developing art products. From unique, volume-focused brand standard programs to custom developed pieces, we take innovative concepts through ideation to sign-off, from prototypes and model rooms to production. Our extensive network of manufacturing partners allows us to realize and deliver any art product.

Cost Management

Actively managing the end-to-end costs of an art program is a reality for any project. From value-engineering specifications to streamline fulfillment, from financing options to de-acquisition strategies, just because it’s art doesn’t mean the costs are immaterial. We provide cost management services across all projects, ensuring clients receive engaging, high-quality art, no matter the budget.