Solomon Enos

Hailing from Hawaii's Makaha Valley, painter Solomon Enos’s work weaves together traditional Hawaiian narratives and modern themes

Using a mélange of references, both of Western art history—impressionism, Dutch still life—as well as Hawaiian mythology, Enos’s work presents a compelling and personal view of contemporary life in Hawaii.

Working across mediums—painting, murals, sculpture—Enos has become well-known in his native state for an uplifting perspective, often creating fantastical portrayals of traditional Hawaiian storytelling.

For FBFA’s recent project with Wailea Beach Resort – Marriott, Maui, we commissioned the artist to create a mural for the property’s Whale’s Tale Beach Bar that brought in the rich history of the island. Telling the story of the koholā (whales), Enos’s work adds an essential local artistic perspective to the space—creating a meaningful dialogue for visitors and locals alike.

Still Life with Blue Jug
Solomon Enos. Image via Solomon Enos
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