Stephen Wilde

Capturing imagery from his global travels, Farmboy Fine Arts photographer Stephen Wilde has been part of the FBFA artist team since the early days

With a start in sports documentary photography (as well as a stint as Annie Leibovitz’s assistant), Wilde today is Herschel Supply Co.’s director of photography creating sleek, contemporary look books and lifestyle imagery.

Photography, for Wilde, was an almost natural-born instinct. “My parents gave me a Kodak disc camera, and I shot a few things and there were just a few images that came out,” Wilde recalls. “The first time seeing a slide and holding it out to a lamp and just the way the light came through the slide it was total magic and I was hooked.” Wilde connected his interests in skiing, dirt biking, and travel with photography to working within documentary sports photography. Those interests soon translated to working with the newly formed Herschel, creating the very first look book, inspired by “vast open fields and that small-town feel,” as Wilde describes.

For FBFA, much of Wilde’s work is drawn from quieter, more introspective moments. The interior of an airplane is re-imagined to be a contemplative space—the architecture, signage, and color of new interest through Wilde’s camera. “I switch up depth of fields, looking messy, super clean, gone through all those phases but I kind of come back to sort of shooting the same way,” Wilde explains. “It’s just second nature, everything is a composition.”

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