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Our purpose is simple—change lives with art. We’re always interested in connecting with creators, galleries and people who share that purpose. Whether it’s original collectable works or licensed reproduction, we promote artists and expose their works to some of the most esteemed international brands and design firms.

We work on a project-by-project basis, acting as an unbiased consultant, curating and purchasing works from artists, galleries and dealers around the world

To submit work for consideration in our projects or for licensing, please review the Submission Process below.
Submissions Process

How we review license submissions.

Submitting for licensing

To submit works for licensing, please provide a letter-sized (8.5” x 11”) PDF package or contact sheet with low-resolution examples of your artwork. It is advisable to submit images that show your range as an artist and are currently available for licensing. Your submission package must:

  • ⚬ Show your work clearly
  • ⚬ Be letter-sized and PDF format
  • ⚬ Show no more than 12 images per page
  • ⚬ Be titled with your full name
  • ⚬ Include a brief biography


We strongly recommend reviewing our Licensing FAQ and technical requirements below before submitting works. Any submissions that do not meeting our submission guidelines will not be considered.

Submitting original works.

To submit original works for purchase, please compile relevant works in a letter-sized (8.5” x 11”) PDF gallery spec sheet, ensuring the following details are included:

  • ⚬ Artist Name
  • ⚬ Title of Work
  • ⚬ Size
  • ⚬ Medium
  • ⚬ Year
  • ⚬ Price
Licensing FAQ
Q: How does FBFA promote and sell my work?
Each project is different—different environment, different budget and different design direction. Our in-house design team works directly with our clients to propose images from our artists that meets their needs and fits their vision. Once an image is selected, we apply it to one of our mediums and deliver it directly to the client.

In addition to proposing our artists’ work to our clients around the world, we also curate monthly collections of images that are featured in our newsletter, on our blog, and on our website. Each month we highlight one of our artists whose work we feel is outstanding, and this artist will receive their own collection and featurette on our newsletter, blog and website.
Q: How long do I have to wait before I hear back from FBFA?
Our artwork review panel meets on a quarterly basis. You can expect a response within 4 -6 weeks.
Q: What content do you want to see?
We want to see carefully considered content that will work for hospitality, corporate or healthcare spaces. Generally, portraiture, overly processed photography and artwork that feels dark or desolate does not fit well in these environments.

We often seek specific genres of artwork and regional content. To learn about these opportunities, subscribe to our newsletter where the Collections PDF contains image ‘call-outs’.
Q: How much can I make selling my work with FBFA?
For each sale, FBFA pays the artist a commission (a percentage of the gross revenue, dependent on product type). The payment schedule is outlined in our licensing agreement, along with examples of revenues.
Q: Do I have to sign a contract?
Yes, more information about our exclusive artist license agreement will be provided if you are selected to become a contributing artist.
Q: Does FBFA have a policy regarding Photoshop manipulation?
No. We take an array of artists onboard and we understand that manipulation is another evolving art form for photographers and digital artists. However, we do feel there is a time and a place for it. Our clients commonly request alterations to images, so a heavily manipulated image can often be less salable.
Q: FBFA didn’t accept my work; can you suggest another agency my artwork could be suited to?
There are many agencies focused on different industries and niches. Your style might not be right for one but it may be perfect for another. We will be happy to make suggestions when possible.
Technical Requirements


⚬ Original paintings may be professionally scanned, but we prefer that they are shot with a DSLRm(see photography requirements below)
⚬ Minimum file dimensions are 15in x 15in at 300DPI
⚬ We do not consign original works


⚬ Minimum file dimensions are 15in x 15in
⚬ All files must be built at a minimum of 300 DPI
⚬ We do not accept simple vector graphics, but more complex designs will be considered
⚬ Images submitted must be free of copyrighted components

Digital Artists

⚬ All images must be shot on a DSLR camera with a minimum of 12 megapixels
⚬ We do not accept Smartphone photography
⚬ Scans of negatives and slides are not accepted unless they have been professionally drum scanned

Submission Process

Submit your work.

You can always contact us if you have any further questions.

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