St. Jane Hotel

230 N Michigan Ave
Chicago, IL
Full of Art Deco nods and winks to Chicago’s Jazz Age personality, Farmboy Fine Arts partnered with Simeone Deary Design Group to deliver a unique art collection for this iconic Windy City hotel.

The Studio / Painting Collection

1555 Peachtree Street NE, Suite 150
Atlanta, GA
A capsule carpet collection—with complementary art collection—inspired by various artistic disciplines, inviting interior designers to become the artist, mixing, matching and customizing the various carpet fields created by Farmboy.

Hotel Fairmont Baku

Flame Towers - 1A Mehdi Huseyn Street
Baku, Azerbaijan
An eclectic mix of over 150 original, museum quality fine art pieces and well over 500 pieces developed by FBFA’s in-house team, the Fairmont Baku’s art collection is as stunning as the Flame Towers themselves.