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We are the Farmhands. A diverse group of professionals—including art advisors, creatives, project managers and logistics experts—we help clients realize their art vision and ensure their clients—the viewers—are presented with a purposeful, engaging art experience.

Our authenticity isn't at the expense of sophistication. Our collaborative nature isn't at the expense of expertise. Our passion for art drives us to change lives.
Farmboy Fine Arts head office in downtown Vancouver
Farmboy Fine Arts Founder & CEO, Todd Towers. Image courtesy of VNB
It’s a collaboration driven by passion
One of the first questions we get asked by new clients and partners is, "So why’s the company called 'Farmboy'?" To answer that, we have to go back nearly two decades to rural Alberta.
In the mid-90s, Todd Towers—Farmboy Fine Arts founder and CEO—was a young art student enrolled in the University of Calgary’s fine art program. But that wasn’t Todd’s only focus. He was also a farmhand on his family’s ranch.

For six generations, the Towers have worked the land and Todd was no exception. When not in classes, the studio or working typical university odd jobs, Todd worked the land and cattle. Needless to say, an art student moonlighting as a farmhand quickly earned Todd a nickname among his U of C peers—Farmboy.

“Actually, the Farmboy nickname captured nicely the essence of who I was and how I viewed art at the time,” remembers Todd. “The farmer, the land, the livestock and the community all rely on each other. It’s a collaboration driven by passion, energy and dedication—everyone working together to grow something and make the world a little better. It felt natural to embrace that ideal and it encapsulated the potential I saw in art—the potential to make the world better and change lives.”

Once Todd graduated and founded his fledgling start-up art consultancy, his agrarian roots continued to shape his approach.

“To be honest, as a new graduate, I didn’t know the first thing about founding a company or working with the likes of Marriott and other massive international brands,” says Towers. “But I also had no preconceptions about what an art business driven by creatives was supposed to be. I just knew that the world needed more meaningful connections to art. So, I just stuck with what I did know—everything I’d learned growing up on the farm. A pioneering mindset. An entrepreneurial approach. Collaboration driven by passion. I knew if I held these as the foundation for the business, people would respond and art could become a larger part of their lives.”

And for nearly 20 years, those lessons learned on the farm have been the foundation of Farmboy Fine Arts. Clients, artists and Farmhands alike are continually excited by this idea of collaboration and using art to activate spaces and make the world a little better. That excitement fosters passion and when there is passion and dedication, art is given the opportunity to change people’s lives.
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VP of Business Development

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Creative Director

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VP of Operations

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Art Director

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Production Director

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Office and Resource Manager

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Project Manager

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Senior Designer & Product Manager

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Art & Curatorial Manager

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At Farmboy Fine Arts, we’re always looking for serious people to join our team. If you’re a graphic designer or artist interested in unique client projects, a project manager looking for a new challenge, or simply an awesome person who knows how to get things done, we want to hear from you. Check out our careers page.