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We’re Farmboy Fine Arts, a comprehensive art advisory group partnering with esteemed international brands and design firms to deliver intelligent, relevant art programs. From concept to specification design, from fine art leasing to fulfillment, our purpose is simple—we change lives with art.

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Pacific Northwest

Wild and moody with a side of cool, the Pacific Northwest has it all: great cities, great outdoors and great coffee. Have a peek into our neck of the wood with this collection aimed at the fashion forward, Americano loving traveler.

Jim Blackstock

Jim Blackstock’s photographs explore the patterns and underlying geometry that give shape to the world around us—both constructed and natural. A screenwriter by trade, Jim’s photographs often have a cinematic quality to them, framing out the world through his lens.
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Olaf Hajek
Based in Berlin, artist Olaf Hajek creates pieces that are deeply invested in folklore and storytelling.
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